Monday, September 14, 2009


hello ppl,
Amidst extremely busy schedules and never-gonna-end academics, we flag off the Quirvana Series.
Deadline to answer the questions is by 20th of september,09.
NOTE: Please donot post the answers as comments rather mail it to
1. The following is a patent which belongs to someone who you would hardly associate with the world of patents. Though he is(was) a God in his own forte. Who?

2. Identify the advertiser.

3. Identify the siblings.

4. Following the war of mahabharata, funeral rites were performed for all the fallen. Kunti then requests her sons to perform the rites for Karna as well. When they protest, saying he was a suta, she reveals the truth of his birth. The brothers are shocked to find they have committed fratricide. Yudhishtira in particular is furious with his mother and does something which has become a legacy since then. What does he do?

5. Give me the significance of the below mentioned pic.

6. The duo mentioned below have been immortalised in the World of music in some way.Figure it out and tell me how have they been immortalised.

Nishit Ganatra!!!!