Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Inter Section Quiz 2017

The much awaited Inter Section Quiz 2017 was conducted by XQuizzite in both the Old and New Campuses. The prelims round of the event was held on the 30th of January 2017 and it witnessed huge participation from both the junior and senior batches and from all streams - BM, HRM, RM and SM.

The teams or sections which qualified for the finals (in no particular order) were

1. Rohit Mohanty and Arya Swayamshree - BM A, 2017 batch

2. Amit Mohanty and Shouvik Mukherjee - BM E, 2018 batch

3. Shakti P. Biswal and Shikhar Verma - HRM B, 2017 batch

4. Navodeep Dutta and Abeer Wadnerkar - HRM B, 2018 batch

5. Sampad Acharya and Nisarg Joshi - RM A, Cross - Batch

6. Shobhan Meher and Samir Panda - RM B, 2017 batch

The Final round of the event was conducted on the 07th of February 2017 and the winning team or section was

Rohit Mohanty and Arya Swayamshree - BM A, 2017 batch

The teams which reached the finals:

The following were the questions: