Friday, September 25, 2009

The Qubicle - Day 3 - India Quiz

Here are the Results for The Qubicle India Quiz.

Winner - yet Again R Jayakanthan (Indian Idle). He completes his hatrick and a superlative performance at The Qubicle.

Runners Up - Gopal Kidao


Here are the answers for The Qubicle India Quiz.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Qubicle - Day 2 - Sports and Entertainment Quiz

Phew. Yet again we had a truly overwhelming response. Although there was a wide distance between the men and the boys, the men had to slug it out near the finish line. The result was a photo finish. Here are the winners of day 2.


Runners Up
The Lost Gumbal, Vinod Ganesh and Anil Kumar

Almost There
Diwakar Pingle,
Karanjot Singh,
Gopal Kidao,
Ajay Rao,
Dileep V

Heartiest Congratulations to all!!


This is going to be a Sports and Entertainment Quiz. The Quiz has been uploaded at our Website under the Qubicle tab. Please download all the files ( Questions, Answer Spreadsheet and Rules) . Email us the filled Answersheet by 11 PM to

If you are facing any problem downloading the documents. Please download from the following links

Day 2 - Questions

Answer Sheet
Day 2 Spreadsheet

Day 2 Spreadsheet Link 2

Day 2 Spreadsheet Link 3

Rules Doc

All The Best!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 1 - The Qubicle Business Quiz

Thank You for the amazing response on Day 1. We had a hard time checking all the responses. The competition was tough but two teams narrowing edged their way to the top. We are looking forward to greater participation for the Sports and Entertainment quiz tonight.

Winner: Pirate Latitudes, R. Jayakanthan
Runners Up: Gold Rush, Shashi Shekhar & Shashank Pandey



Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Qubicle - Teaser

The Qubicle - Complete Details

1. There will be three quizzes on the following dates as part of The Qubicle
  • 22.09.2009 - Business Quiz
  • 23.09.2009 - Sports and Entertainment Quiz
  • 24.09.2009 - India Quiz
2. The quiz is open to everyone who is interested. There is no age, institute, profession or any other barrier conceivable.

3. Team size is TWO. You may also play individually.

4. Each of the above quiz will be independent in nature. Each of the quiz will start at 10 PM.

5. The questions will be uploaded in PDF format. The answer sheet will be in MS-Excel format. You have to download both.

6. The filled up answer sheet has to reach us ( by 11 PM. Late entries will be automatically disqualified.

7. The subject line of the mail should be in the format - Qubicle_TeamName

8. No prior registration is required for The Qubicle . All you have to do is fill up the name and address sections in the answer sheet before mailing them to

9. Results of each quiz will be put up in the blog/website the next day before the start of the subsequent quiz.
10. The winner of each quiz gets Rs 2000 and the Runners Up gets Rs 1000.

The Qubicle - online quiz series

Xquizzite – The quizzing association of XIMB proudly presents The Qubicle – The online quiz challenge. The first part of The Qubicle goes live on 22nd September 2009.

This quiz challenge aims at bringing together, on the World Wide Web, the best quizzing talents of the country and beyond. In short this quiz series is open to all. The Qubicle will be a no holds barred quiz which will test the Q-Quotient of the best quizzing brains, irrespective of campus, organisation or profession.

The Qubicle is a series of three online quizzes to be held from 22ndtill 24th September 2009. The quizzes will start at 10 PM every night and continue till 11 PM. The winner of each quiz will receive Rs 2000 cash and the runners up Rs 1000, apart from the certificates of course.The detailed itinerary is as follows

22 Sept - Biz Quiz
23 Sept - Sports and Entertainment Quiz
24 Sept - India Quiz

  • Registration is open for everyone.Participants can play the quiz individually or in teams of two.
  • Questions will be uploaded at 10 PM sharp.
  • Answers to be sent by e-mail to by 11 PM.
  • Answers will be mailed to those who attempt the quiz.
  • Detailed rules will be put up shortly.


Swarup Kumar Kar, 9777686344

Udaya Satapathy, 9238305258

Email -

Blog -

And to get you started here are some aperitifs

1. The secret recipe for which popular food product is kept in a safe in the city of Louisville in the
United States ?
2. It does'nt matter what your second name is ,What matters is what you do with your first. -
Karan Johar . 1972 - Rest is History. Which ad ?


1. Kentucky Fried Chicken; the recipe consists of eleven herbs and spices.
2. Timond Watches. Luxury watch brand 'Timond' has director Karan Johar as its worldwide
brand ambassador.

Monday, September 14, 2009


hello ppl,
Amidst extremely busy schedules and never-gonna-end academics, we flag off the Quirvana Series.
Deadline to answer the questions is by 20th of september,09.
NOTE: Please donot post the answers as comments rather mail it to
1. The following is a patent which belongs to someone who you would hardly associate with the world of patents. Though he is(was) a God in his own forte. Who?

2. Identify the advertiser.

3. Identify the siblings.

4. Following the war of mahabharata, funeral rites were performed for all the fallen. Kunti then requests her sons to perform the rites for Karna as well. When they protest, saying he was a suta, she reveals the truth of his birth. The brothers are shocked to find they have committed fratricide. Yudhishtira in particular is furious with his mother and does something which has become a legacy since then. What does he do?

5. Give me the significance of the below mentioned pic.

6. The duo mentioned below have been immortalised in the World of music in some way.Figure it out and tell me how have they been immortalised.

Nishit Ganatra!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Answers to Xquizzite 2.1

1. The constellation is Southern Cross or Crux. It is depicted in the Australian and New Zealand flags.

2. Capoeira

3. Charles de Gaulle (no one got it right)

4. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) .
Prince Williams and Prince Harry passed out of this academy

5. La persistencia de la memoria (1931) or The Persistence of Memory - The most famous painting by Spanish artist Salvador DalĂ­.