Sunday, March 23, 2014

XQuizzite and XSYS - The Systems Association of XIMB jointly conducted XSYS TQ - The Systems Quiz.
QMs Aalekh Bhatt, Shriram Mishra & Sudipt Mishra from XQuizzite enthralled the quizzers with an exciting and unconventional array of questions from the world of technology and IT.

The top honours were bagged by-

1st - Rohan Naik & Manisa Parida
2nd - Rahul NS & Vinod Singh
3rd - Nihar Ranjan Padhy & Prabhas Das

Congratulating all the winners. We're glad to see such enthusiastic participation from the quizzers of XIMB!

As usual, photographs and the quiz attached below.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marching on with the Operations Quiz, GEN-OPSIS, which was conducted in association with XOPS - The Operations Committee of XIMB.

The quiz saw enthusiastic participation from both the seniors and the juniors.

Final tally was as follows-

1st - Pushkar Paranjape & Sayed Atif
2nd - Arpit Narendra & Ashish Patnaik

As always, attaching the questions asked in the quiz below. 

Stay tuned, Happy Quizzing!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

XQuizzite celebrated the spirit of womanhood on International Women's Day by conducting the Women's Day Quiz!

We witnessed enthusiastic participation from the ladies of XIMB and had the following final standings-

1st - Lavina Mittal & Payal Padhy
2nd - Manisa Parida & Debolina Biswas

Attached below is the set of questions..

Happy Quizzing!